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The school believes that teaching requires a range of sophisticated and nuanced skills routed in a highly developed understanding of how learning happens. Teachers deserve and benefit from intellectually rigorous, well-structured training and development over extended time periods. As one element of the School’s broader strategy to support the development of all our teachers’ professional expertise, we offer up to 12 members of staff the opportunity to be part of the School’s ‘Learning Labs’ - a 3 day teacher training programme that has been developed to include the work of cognitive scientists (such as Hattie, Claxton, Willingham and Dweck) to develop coaching techniques and to create opportunities for peer to peer observations.





The Learning Labs take place in October, December and March and on the allocated day you will be ‘off’ timetable for the whole day. In between the learning labs will be peer coaching activities that you will be expected to undertake to deepen understanding and impact on learning in the classroom.

If you would like to know more you can speak to any of the following colleagues that have benefited from being part of the Learning Labs or of course Mark, Lisa, Adele or James can give you further information.

  • Pete Lowton, Clare Tubbs, Jess Aldiss-Smith, Steve Cooper, Maria Webber, David Bryden, Joe Stevens

  • Adele Alston, Stephen James, Jill Burden, Briony McLaren, Katie Lorek, Andy Turner, Elena Gunner, John Maurice, Tanya Hunt, Debbie Leitch

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