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Coaching and Mentoring

Welcome to the Coaching and Mentoring Project

A coaching and mentoring culture means:

• There is no such thing as failure.

• Mistakes are valued as part of learning.

• Mistakes are part of the change process.

• Mistakes are treated lightly rather dwelt upon and analysed.

• What is important is the learning that comes from the process.

• Everyone can improve their pedagogy.

Effective coaching and mentoring is about building relationships.  Trust and mutual respect are integral to the process.

Our vision

We believe that even the most accomplished practitioner is capable of improving their teaching.  

The Coaching and Mentoring Project is intended to help everyone in this regard.  It's about making the great even better.  It's about enabling the already able.  It's about moving everyone towards the goal of outstanding teaching.

Coaching and Mentoring are terms that are frequently used interchangeably.  However, this is incorrect.  While both paradigms have improvement as the intended outcome, they work in different ways.

What is coaching?

Coaching, simply, is the process of enabling people to talk through their issues, with a view to finding their own solutions to a problem, or to finding steps towards the achievement of an aim that they have set themselves.

The process is based on mutual trust, non-judgmental and, above all, CONFIDENTIAL.

This process is intended to give experienced practitioners the insight to grow themselves, and be the very best that they can be.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is more appropriate to situations where people are looking for advice, or simply need ideas.  The individual being mentored may be newer to teaching, or a more experienced professional looking for a fresh perspective from which to view a situation.

A mentoring relationship can take many forms - ranging from a two-minute professional dialogue with a colleague over coffee, to a series of structured meetings over a period of weeks.  The approach can be tailored to the needs of the individual being mentored.

The Coaching and Mentoring Project at Highcliffe

It is our intention to roll out a school-wide project for coaching and mentoring on a number of levels:

- Peer mentoring 

- Specialist mentoring

- Focused mentoring

- Coaching

We have also already carried out a number of PPD sessions, with more scheduled for the future.  All-staff INSET and twilight training sessions are also being planned.

For further information, please contact Gary Mant and Stuart Barnes - Heads of Coaching and Mentoring.

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