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Sharing Best Practice

Posted 01/11/2017 08:28:38 by hglyde

Over the past year, the school has been working with teaching and support staff to put together a relevant PPD programme.

Sharing Best Practice

If you cast your minds back to the first week of term James launched the new PPD programme for the year with an added twist, the “Loyalty Card”.  Professional Development plays an important part in learning and applying new skills and the programme below will allow you to access high quality professional development.

Rewarding Loyalty

The PPD Loyalty Card is a method for rewarding staff that run or attend PPD sessions. Each time you attend a PPD session you collect a stamp and with six stamps you can get a refreshing drink from the sixth form cafe. James would have course want you to know that terms and conditions do apply!


Over the year we will be looking various other PPD activities staff can take part in that will earn them reward stamps:

  • Complete an online training course
  • Observe a colleague
  • Take part in lesson study
  • Take part in a 121 coaching session
  • Plan and deliver a PPD session
  • Attend an external CPD event or an on-line CPD event
  • Share a recent PPD experience in a staff briefing
  • Create a classroom resource which can be adopted by the whole school

Booking a PPD course

Booking onto a PPD course could not be easier, simply log onto SiS and click on MyPPD.

PPD Programme (Autumn 2016)

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We look forward to seeing you at a PPD session soon.


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