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Respectful, Purposeful & Responsible

Posted 01/11/2017 08:29:02 by hglyde

PSD recently shared a strategy that she used with her Year 7 Technology group to develop their understanding of the words ‘respectful, purposeful and responsible’.

PSD decided that for a starter ‘settling’ task she would get them to write their own definitions of the words ‘respectful, purposeful and responsible’.

The students were then asked to give an example of respectful, responsible and purposeful behaviour and say why behaving in this way is important. PSD found that a number of students struggled with the definitions, especially ‘purposeful’. It led to some really good class discussion and the promise of a commendation for explaining the words correctly next week.

In the next lesson, PSD developed the idea further by giving the students a little tick list of respectful, purposeful and responsible behaviours for them to tick off at the end of lessons… allowing space for students to add their own suggestions.

PSD found that the students responded very positively, and that the approach made a significant impact on positive learning behaviours. She continued making the point of referring back to the ‘key words’ through the forthcoming lessons to reinforce the terminology.

Why not try it?


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