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Posted 01/11/2017 13:03:15 by mmortell

What can we do easily in class every lesson to help PP students?
Have you:

Provided an orderly learning environment with clear routines for all students?  This is important to all students however the PP students often benefit the most because students rely on the structure in school to overcome any disruption outside of school.

 Identified each PP student on your seating plan, are they sat next to peers who will support their learning? Can you visit them in the first few minutes of an activity to make sure they understand but also so they know you are working towards their success?

Asked each PP student a challenging question? Any work with PP is often going to be around doing something specifically to support them and questioning is vital. It gives an opportunity to reward using a commendation as well building confidence.

Spoken to each PP student one to one, with encouragement using growth mind-set language? Acknowledge what they are good at and praise their effort.

Checked that the PP students understand your written feedback and have the appropriate learning strategies to be resilient and `bounce back`? Often PP students come from parents that had very negative experiences in school and sometimes will not, or cannot, help with school.

Plan differentiation to support student engagement as well as to support low attainers. You could also think of the rolls in class group activities that PP students hold.  For example, using the Highcliffe Collaborative model from the tool kit could you pick the role for the PP student in each group, perhaps high profile?


We will soon have Student photos of Year 10 and 11 PP students in the staff room for easy identification, etc. However I have also included PDF files of this information.  This shows the current predicted grades for each student and the Progress 8 score (predicted) both overall, for EBACC Subjects (Geog, Hist, MFL, Comp and Science) and the Open Subjects such as IT, ADT, Expressive Arts, PE, etc.

I have included these PDF files as some teachers may find useful in mark books etc or departments may like to use these cards (when you print from PDF select multiple on a page to create different size cards) in staff rooms etc.

A reminder that a P8 score above 0 means we are adding value compared to expectations based on KS2 average grade. A progress 8 figure of minus means the student is not meeting expectation.

For example, a student such as Daniel Allsopp-Phillips in Year 10 is achieving approx. 25% higher than expected across his 8 subjects.  Whilst Donte Barnett is almost 50% below expectation across his 8 subjects where he is gaining B grades in a number of subjects rather than the expected.


We do have limited funds that we can use for activities to help PP students please speak to me if you have any ideas or projects you would like to proceed with.



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