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Time for main course!

Posted 07/05/2019 08:32:12 by mmcguinness

Time for main course- the activation stage!

According to Alistair Smith’s Accelerated Learning Cycle (this pedagogy has transformed my life!), this 'activation' stage normally follows the starter activity mentioned in the previous blog post and involves:

-This is where learners find the information and begin to make sense of it.

-They will need to use a variety of intelligences and tools to assist.

-Students are encouraged to solve problems in variety of situations and construct their own meanings.


Practical Activities

Choice: Divide room up into a ‘practical’ zone and ‘research’ zone and give students the choice where they want to work

Multisensory approach: Bring in a prop connected to your lesson and play a video. Allow the object to be passed around the room whilst the students are watching the video.

Uncover: A picture about the topic is displayed and covered up. The teacher slowly reveals parts of the picture and asks students to guess what they think it shows.

Real life challenge: Pretend students have a real life scenario e.g. teach a group of year 6 children about Romeo and Juliet or work for an advertisement company and need to sell holidays to Paris…in French!

Home and away groups: Divide students into ‘home’ teams and let them go off to ‘expert’ teams to research a topic before they return to ‘home’ teams.

Re-creation: Split the class into groups and show each group an image/text- then hide it! Ask each group to re-create it. The group that re-creates the most accurate depiction will win.

Carousel: Set up information stations around the room and get students to explore them! They could rotate around and fill in a chart during their expedition.



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