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Start something new this week...

Posted 28/04/2019 19:51:09 by mmcguinness

  11 starters to kick-start your week:


Images: Display a picture/ a number of pictures connected to the topic and ask students to guess what the topic they are going to study will be about. You could ask them to guess the learning objectives too and how the pictures link to prior learning.


Music: Play music as students enter the classroom. This could be linked to the topic. Ask students what the links are!


Imagine: Ask students to put themselves in a situation. E.g. what would you do if?


Vocabulary Search: Find key words from the previous lesson.


Sticky notes: Ask students to write down three things they have learnt in the previous lesson and stick them on the board.


Question wall: Ask students to write down two important questions they still have from the previous lesson and address them.


Picture gallery: Put images around the room summarising the learning outcomes and ask students to visit the gallery and discuss each picture.


Prop: Bring in a prop and ask students how it links to the previous lesson and what the connection with new learning is.


What happens next? Students predict what happens next. E.g. students predict what the next line in poetry will be.


Art Gallery: Use at the beginning of a topic. Laminate pictures and phrases about a topic and set up an art gallery. You could play music as students look around the art gallery. They are then asked to select an image/ phrase they connect to and explain their choice when the music stops.


Feely bag: Place five items in a bag that relate to today’s lesson. One person puts their hand in the bag and describes what they feel. The others discuss what it might be and how it relates to the topic.


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