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Geography Challenge Club (Grade 9 Club)

Posted 14/11/2018 10:39:23 by mmcguinness

Meanwhile in Geography...

In light of the resounding success of the Geography Team in securing excellent GCSE grades, the L&T team wanted to know the secret to their success. We soon found out about the 'Geography Challenge Club', also known as the 'Grade 9 Club', which has without a doubt contributed to their achievement.

When approached by the L&T team, Dan Houghton gave the following account of the structure and ideology underpinning the club:

“In Geography, we have an exclusive, invite only club for those Year 11 pupils we believe are targeted or able to achieve a grade 9. Within this club, we knew that the type of students we had could answer the lower marked questions (1, 2, 3, 4 markers) with ease as these were mainly content driven questions. However, it was the 6 and 9 markers where most students lost marks. A focus at the club was how we get the highest possible marks on these 6 + 9 marker questions.

We would discuss each question as a group, the ideas would bounce off one another, peer marking took place, general discussions on widening our Geographical knowledge to answer these types of questions floated around, synoptic links were discussed within the topics of Geography and we used many resources from PiXL such as their ‘Its’, their PPE builders and others.

A big focus was on case specific content where we quizzed each other and thought of ways to remember the case specific detail. We did this because in order to achieve the highest possible grades, students needed to know these specific facts about their case studies e.g. the estimated number of people who were evacuated from Typhoon Haiyan, how many were injured, the names of towns/cities that had the biggest impacts etc.

As a department, we invited around 12-15 students with Highcliffe Grades of 9s but also students who were targeted at a 6/7/8 who we believed could achieve a grade 9. With our 2018 results, the students that consistently attended the club achieved a grade 8 and above, with half of these achieving a grade 9.“

Dan Houghton

If you would like to find out more information about the Challenge Club, please get in touch with Dan or one of the L&T team and we assist you with any questions!

Dan will also host a flexi-PPD session on 10th January on ‘Effective Intervention’ to share best practice.



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