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The Last Learning Lab of the Year!

Posted 25/04/2018 10:41:24 by aandre

Last week saw Learning Lab 3 being delivered and sadly, it was the last one of the academic year!

The Learning Labs are all about getting teaching staff together from different areas within the school and offering the chance for professional conversations to flow and for the latest in educational research to be explored, debated and applied! 

Our schedule for the day was as follows:

Session 1 – Hattie’s concepts of Teacher Efficacy and Self-Reported Grades.

Session 2 – Differentiation at Highcliffe School.

Session 3 – Dedicated Coaching Reflection led by Stuart Barnes and Gary Mant. 

This particular Learning Lab was slightly different to previous ones as it also involved a team building activity linked to differentiation – the design of a tablecloth! This seemed to go down very well with the three Learning Lab groups (and Lead Practitioners!) getting increasingly more competitive as the week went on. 

                              See below how Differentiation has been ‘mapped out’ by the Labbers' this year! 

A positive end to a really positive experience.

'Working with other experienced teachers and sharing ideas has been a fantastic experience and opportunity. Excellent professional development.' 

'I found it very enjoyable and I took away some new ideas...feeling very motivated now.  Thank you again for a great day.'



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