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Posted 25/01/2018 23:02:46 by aandre

It’s a New Year! Welcome to our new look! 

The Highcliffe Learning Hub has undergone a dramatic transformation in order to become a more efficient, reliable and user-friendly base for all your learning and teaching needs! 

What's on offer? 

1.       Explore our ‘Highcliffe Experience’ vision statement – we all want to be on the same page!

2.       Keep up-to-date with all the latest ideas, theories, debates and news in the world of education by reading our blog and                      PLEASE JOIN THE CONVERSATION!

3.       Develop your learning and teaching skills and update your professional portfolio by having a look at what training we are                  offering.

4.       Prepare to be inspired! Scroll through some of the research currently being conducted by some of our colleagues, from                    Lesson Study, Learning Labs and even MA Dissertations – we have it all!

5.       Misplaced your paper toolkit? Why not explore our NEW INTERACTIVE TOOLKITS!? We are gathering some of your best                ideas and putting them into one easy to access place. The new toolkits will take you through our most tried and tested                      strategies alongside clear explanations and pictures of them in action.

The website is a work in progress and we welcome your feedback. Most importantly, we would love for as many members of staff to engage with Highcliffe Learning Hub as possible – we have so many opportunities to become more involved in learning and teaching, please make the most of it!

Enjoy exploring! 

Highcliffe L&T Team


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